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Life changing new role!

Hey Dean, Great timing!  I actually just finished my going away lunch, and have officially ended my tenure at my company. Feeling pretty stellar. Maria and I touched base on Monday and we're good to go for 06/13. Thank you again for everything. You changed my life, and I can't thank you enough. Have a great weekend! Will H.

Repeat client!

"I had the opportunity to work with Carter McKenzie for a strategic placement at one of my accounts.   The staff was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in not only identifying the right candidate right away, but also in helping to navigate through the entire process to make this a win-win for all parties.  The never give up attitude coupled with the keen ability to find the right candidate is why I keep coming back."  Larry A., Director Consulting Services.

Director of Marketing Search Success!

"Dean made what could've been a hard transition a very pleasant one. He is more than a recruiter; he is part life coach as well. He listens to your needs, understands your goals, and secures your interests. He truly ensures that both parties, the employer and prospective employee, end up with a win-win situation. Dean exceeded my expectations." April B. , Director of Marketing

SVP, Human Resources Search Success!

"Dean Hoffman is one of the most passionate, knowledgeable and caring senior executive recruiters I have had the pleasure to partner with for executive level positions including landing me with my current role, SVP of HR. What separates Dean from other executive recruiters, is his work ethic around doing his due diligence before connecting a candidate with a prospective employer. With his ability to listen and understand the position requirements, Dean has proven to source top talent with a short turnaround and almost always ensures it is the right fit and mutually beneficial. Having worked with a number of agencies in my career, Dean is by far one of the best in the industry." MAK SVP, HR Jul 28, 2015

Truly Makes Every Effort!

"Whether it's in a professional or personal situation, you can absolutely count on Dean. He is one of the most sincere and caring individuals and truly makes every effort to help you in any way he can. And if he can't help directly, he'll connect you with someone who can! I recommend Dean 100% for recruiting services or in other professional capacities." –Amanda V., Employee Engagement Consultant
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